Thinktool Reader 7 Lifetime Tool

1,150.00 AED

THINKTOOL Reader 7 is a 5 inches android system diagnostic tool produced by THINKCAR. Offers lifetime subscription for mechanics, repair shops and DIY.

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ThinkTool Reader 7

7 System Scan Tool: Engine, ABS, Airbags (SRS), Automatic Transmission, Body Control Module, Instrument System and Air Condition. Covers 98% passenger car makes globally.

Read and Clear Fault Codes (Reset Dashboard Lights), Shows Live Data Stream For All 7 Systems.

Plus You Can Select 7 Free Reset Functions From List Of 28: Oil Reset, Coolant Reset, Brake Pad Reset, ODO Reset, Steering Angle Reset, Seat Calibration, Battery Matching, Tyre Reset, Elec. Throttle Adaption, ABS Bleeding, Language Reset, A/F Reset, Sunroof Initialization, EGR Adaptation, DPF Regeneration, A/T Learning, AFS Reset, Injector Reset, Transport Mode Reset, Airbag Reset, Windows Calibration, Gear Learning, Immobilize Reset, SUS Reset, TPMS Reset, AdBlue Reset, Stop/Start Reset, NOX Reset.

Has Full OBDII and EOBD Functionality: Read and Clear Generic Engine Codes, EVAP System Test, Freeze frame Data, I/M Readiness, O2 Sensor Data, Engine Live Data.

5″ Touchscreen, Based on Android OS, Storage 16gb, Cable length 1.2m.

Comes With 1 Year Warranty and Free Lifetime Updates By WiFi.

Multilingual Support THINKTOOL Reader 7 supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Italian 8 languages.


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